Alicia Keys featuring Drake – Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready) (Remix)

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Alicia Keys announced that she'll delay releasing her duet with Beyoncé to instead push 'Un-Thinkable' with Drake.

Just when you thought radio had not played Alicia Keys’s “Unthinkable” enough, now comes the remix.  But, Drake simply smashes it.  I’m not sure what most people think of the dude, but he always seems to deliver some clever, smart and witty lyrics.   There is no way any man can not feel where dude is speaking from.  We’ve all been there.  For that matter, some of us are still there.  “I need you to rescue me from my destiny/I’m trying to live right and give you whatever’s left of me/cause you know life is what we make it, and a chance is like a picture, it’d be nice if you just take it.”  YEP!!!  Hearts Of Kings

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