No Place Like Home

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I’m Baaaaaack!!!  Took a little time away to enjoy friends and family.  Had a nice Thanksgiving.  I was able to get out and play a little flag football with dudes I hadn’t seen in years.  While out running around and making cuts and catches, I felt like I still had it.  But, when I woke up the next morning, it reminded me of what playing sports really feels like.  I think the soreness is just beginning to leave.  Gotta love it though.

The major event of the weekend was my 15 Year Class Reunion.  I enjoyed everyone in attendance and look forward to seeing them all again.  It bought back great memories.  I truly appreciate everyone on the committee.  They all did an excellent job of bringing it all together.  There’s nothing like family and friends. Peace & Love!!!

by T. Lewis for Hearts Of Kings

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