Good Luck Gentleman

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I’ve been having this book for a while now and I thought of it as I was having a conversation earlier.  As you can assume, it was about being a gentleman.  Without getting in to details, it was about how I’ve always been viewed as a gentleman.  Now I always like to think of and try to carry myself as a gentleman, but I know there are times when I may not have acted as such.  Consequently, as a man I feel it is of the utmost importance to act and behave in a certain manner.  The book didn’t touch on any groundbreaking topics, I just purchased it as a reminder of what it is to be a gentleman.  Some may think of it as pure conduct when dealing with the fairer sex, but it also encompasses everything from how to conduct yourself in social settings, to eating and drinking, to style, dressing and grooming.  Plus, so much more.

Now from what I gather, being a gentleman is becoming extinct.  I always say I can’t speak for what others do, but I find it hard to believe females are having a hard time finding a gentleman.  I tend to believe it’s more of the kind of male they focus on.  They know guys who are gentlemen, but of course he’s not their type.  I remember one of my boys telling me this female said she couldn’t date him cause he was “too” nice.  It’s not that he was too nice, it was the fact that he carried himself in a certain manner and it was foreign to how she was use to being treated.  So with that being said, “Gentleman, good luck gentleman.”  Peace & Love!!!

by T. Lewis for Hearts Of Kings

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