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Branding.  It is one of the most important concepts we all should grasp and understand.  We must seek to create and protect our own brand.  Not as it relates to clothing, shoes, or any product for that matter.   But, how we are viewed by others in the world.  Before Lebron James ever entered the NBA, he was already creating and promoting his brand.  And although his exit from the Cleveland Cavaliers may not have been his most popular decision, it only caused a slight dip in his popularity.  Trust me, those boos from fans have no depth.  But I digress.

Lebron is continuing to promote his brand with a Web-based animated series entitled, The LeBrons.  The series will be based on the characters James played in several Nike commercials a few years back.  The series is slated for 10, 5 minute episodes.  Check out the first episode in the series below.  Peace & Love!!!

by T. Lewis for Hearts Of Kings

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