No Kings Without Queens (Extended Version)

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By my side, forever you are seated

Encouraging words of support

You are what I’ve always needed.

A Ruler of Nations, is how I am viewed and seen

Impossible would be this Kingdom

If I were King, without you as my Queen.

Your walk, that smile, the flip of your hair

That waist, the legs, those thighs

Oh my… Your eyes, I can’t help but stare.

Now stating the physical was easy, cause from a glance it’s plain to see

But it’s clearly the mental that has me here

Your thought process, well… it kinda reminds me of me.

Nah… I just truly admire how the way for others, you care

Taking an active role in this world

Understanding it’s more than manicures, pedicures, and hair.

Priorities you’ve got, cause “The Jones’s”  you get that we are not them

Eliminating  I, MY, ME, MINES and YOURS

This is OUR Kingdom.

Peace & Love!!!

by T. Lewis for Hearts Of Kings



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