Think Different, Be Different

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A few days ago I posted an Apple ad that contained the tagline, “Think different.”.  At some point in our lives, we’ve been asked the question by our parents or guardians, “If your friend jumped off the bridge, would you follow?”.  It was then that we were challenged to think different, to think for ourselves and be different then the crowd.  As a young person, trying to think and be different can be tough.  Peer pressure can cause us to do things that are out of character.  Following the crowd and living our lives like and for others, can also cause us to miss out on golden opportunities we have to be our great selves.  Below is an Apple ad, created in 1997, that shows those great humans who were game changers.  They bucked the system and did not live by the status quo.  With that being said, challenge yourself to think different.  Be crazy enough to think you can change the world.  You never know what type of difference you will make.  Peace & Love!!!

by T. Lewis for Hearts Of Kings

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